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Explore a New City by Going For a Long Run When You First Arrive

Explore a New City by Going For a Long Run When You First Arrive

Make going for a run one of the first things you do when you arrive in a new city.

Who doesn't want to explore their surroundings when they first get to a new city?

Getting out there and seeing the sights is one of the greatest things about traveling to new places.

When you arrive in a new city, one of the first things you should do is lace up your running sneakers and head out on a long run through town. Take everything in as you move about, enjoying the sights from a more local perspective. When I traveled for business, my stay in cities would often be very short. I was even in and out of a city the same day on occasion, leading me to miss an opportunity to do some sightseeing or exercise. I found that by combining the two, especially on quick trips, allowed me to get out and experience the city I was in while doing something that many travelers neglect to do due to time constraints - staying fit.

Whether you're visiting for a weekend or settling into a new home in a new city, set aside time to go out for a long run as soon as you arrive and use these tips.

Plan Ahead.

Before you head out on your run, learn the layout of the city. Identify where you will be staying, the beginning and end of your run and key points along your possible routes that peak your interest. Keep safety in mind as well. Research the neighborhoods you will be in, locate police stations and familiarize yourself with local traffic laws and patterns just to be safe. You can also check with the front desk of the hotel you're staying in for running routes and other valuable local information.

Don't Be Afraid to Stop.

Many runners I know feel compelled to book it all the way through their runs and will not stop for any reason. While this mentality has a certain place when you're fully involved in training, this should not be an occasion where you do this. Find points along your route beforehand or as you go that you would like to explore further and stop occasionally. I personally like to find areas with nice views and do some bodyweight exercises. Stop, take in the view, do a set of push-ups, burpees, or squats, and then continue on with your run. This can be a great way to enjoy the experience that much more. 

Here are some great exercises to do along the way:

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Be Flexible.

Plan ahead and get an idea of the route you would like to take but don't hold yourself to that one route. Plan a few contingency routes and be open to changing as you go. You may see something you'd like to check out further. Don't be too rigid with the route you stick to. Just be sure to remember where you are. Use an app like MapMyRun to track your progress and position.

Pace Yourself.

Derek Sivers (@sivers on Twitter) is an entrepreneur and has famously told the story of how he used to ride his bike up and down the Santa Monica beach as quickly as he could everyday. What happened to this routine over time? Derek became less excited about it because of how exhausted he was afterwards. Then one day he did the same ride but he took his time. It was relaxing. He noticed his surroundings. He enjoyed it and he finished only two minutes slower than when he pushed himself to his limit. 

Derek's advice?

Relax for the same result. Pace yourself and enjoy your surroundings.

Read all of Derek's article here.

Bottom Line

Be your own tour guide the next time you arrive in a new city. Get your exercise and sightseeing done together. This unique way to explore and enjoy the city you're in will save you time and allow you to take care of your health and fitness while you get a local experience.

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