A fitness movement built around traveling.

Join Our Tribe and Be a Fitter Traveler

Join Our Tribe and Be a Fitter Traveler

Share your travel workouts and adventures while learning what other travelers are doing to stay healthy and fit on the road.

Humans were made to be a part of a tribe or a community.

It's in our DNA.

We're wired for it.

Yet in today's modern world, we're becoming increasingly isolated. 

Technology allows us to do everything from home. If we travel a lot, we might be surrounded by people but we're not part of a collective group in a way that satisfies our subconscious craving for being essential to a community.

This ties into fitness because many of us struggle to stay motivated to workout when we're on our own. There's no accountability for missed workouts. We lose our sense of purpose. 

That's why community-based fitness has been growing in recent years.

Crossfit, yoga, kickboxing and other group fitness practices have seen tremendous increases in popularity due in large part to their focus on bringing people together. We tend to identify with other people who enjoy the same interests and activities as us. This is especially true for the fitness and travel communities. Since staying fit and healthy while traveling can be so challenging, it is important for people who share this in common to have a community they can share their experiences with and gain some knowledge from what others are sharing. It also helps to have an accountability check from time to time.

If you travel a lot, whether it's for business or pleasure, you may not have the time to be part of a gym or fitness group wherever it is you call home. You need a community of travelers who take health and fitness as seriously as you do. People who share both the burden and excitement of frequent travel with you.

Why a Travel Fitness Community is Important

Think about your life of constant travel.

You're not home much right?

That makes it hard to be an active member of a gym and we already know it's a challenge to make time to workout and eat right when you're traveling. Many people who exercise regularly cite the sense of community as a primary source of motivation to stay in shape and not miss workouts. Shouldn't frequent travelers have the same system in place to keep themselves motivated? Fittest Travel is a travel fitness community where people come together and stay connected from all over the world. A community that shares workouts, travel adventures, strategies and advice.

Be part of this group of fit and healthy travelers and here's what you'll have available to you:

  • The support of a community that thinks about travel and fitness the way you do
  • Monthly emails with workouts, challenges and travel fitness strategies
  • A group that will keep you accountable for reaching goals

Share your travel adventures, workouts and photos. See where other fit travelers are in the world and learn what they're doing to stay healthy on the road.

Be part of a group that thinks the same way you do. 

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