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How to Boost Your Immune System Before You Travel

How to Boost Your Immune System Before You Travel

Use this formula to boost your immune system so you can enjoy traveling without getting sick.

Anyone who travels enough has experienced the misery of being sick while on vacation or on a business trip. Getting sick is a part of everyday life and the fact is the more time you spend on the road the more likely you are to pick up a nasty cold, bug or illness.

Some things are unavoidable no matter what steps you take to prevent them but the majority of illnesses out there can be mitigated or prevented with this easy-to-follow formula that I've been using for years. Make it a part of your daily routine at home and on the road to reduce your chances of getting sick while you travel.

Get Your Juice on


One a day. Every day. That's it.

Drink one juice or smoothie a day that is mostly green leafy vegetables and you will enjoy the benefits of a stronger immune system. By consuming fruits and vegetables in juice form, you are able to get more nutrients and enzymes than you would if you only ate them with your meals. 

Greens are king and they should make up at least 70% of your juice or smoothie. Start with baby spinach. It mixes well and does not have as strong or bitter of a taste as other greens. As you get used to this and your palate begins to change, experiment with other greens like kale, chard or bok choy.

Mask the taste of the greens by adding fruit for the remaining 30% of your juice or smoothie. Great choices include pineapple, mango, strawberries and blueberries. All are high in vitamin C and add a sweetness to your drink that will make it much more enjoyable. Apple or lemon are also good options. Experiment with combinations of different fruits and vegetables. Find out what you like and pay attention to how your body reacts to them.

Take The Right Vitamins

There are really just two vitamins that you should supplement because they are critical to making your immune system strong: vitamin C and vitamin D3. Both vitamins play a vital role in helping your body fend off disease and stay healthy. 

Vitamin D3 is less important if you get a lot of sun but be sure to supplement it if you spend a lot of time indoors or in colder climates.

Vitamin C can and should be obtained from foods sources like green leafy vegetables, peppers and lemons but is so important to your immune system that an extra dose everyday can be very helpful and is ideal for days where you may not be able to consume enough vitamin C-rich foods. 

Be Active

Exercise strengthens your immune system by rejuvenating your cells and boosting your body's ability to fight off illness. Your heart, lungs and muscles are all made stronger by exercise.

While there is considerable research ongoing to better understand why working out has a positive effect on the immune system, there is a clear correlation between activity level and healthiness. Consider that workers who exercise regularly are much less likely to take sick days.

Rest and recovery from workouts is also important, so be sure to maintain a healthy balance between strenuous activity and rest.

Bottom Line

No one wants to get sick while traveling. It's miserable if you're on vacation and it can be costly if you're traveling for business. Use these steps to boost your immune system and get it firing on all cylinders.

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