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3 Reasons You Should Visit a Crossfit Gym While Traveling

3 Reasons You Should Visit a Crossfit Gym While Traveling

Visiting Crossfit gyms around the world will enhance your travels and give a genuine local experience.

If you have been involved with Crossfit for any length of time you know how important community is in a CrossFit gym.  Paramount to the workouts and the style of conditioning and programming, any Crossfitter will tell you how awesome their CrossFit community is.  This is the case around the world.  Crossfit is a community-based workout that focuses on functional movements and balances cardio-vascular exercises with gymnastics and weightlifting.  The community is supportive and uplifting and you will always be included despite your level of fitness, exercise experience or where you are from.

I love visiting a CrossFit gym when I travel.  I have discovered great coaching, met awesome people and learned different styles of working out when I visit CrossFit gyms around the world.  I always take something away from visiting a CrossFit gym and am always glad I dropped in.  Crossfit gyms are notorious for being very welcoming to visitors and it makes it really easy to keep up a great fitness routine while you are traveling whether for short-term or for a longer period of time.  Crossfit affiliates are expanding and opening up all around the world and it has never been easier to find a CrossFit gym in all sorts of places.   I have always found that visiting local CrossFit gyms enhance my travels and give me awesome memories.  Since I travel full-time, keeping up with my fitness is really important.

1. Visiting A Crossfit Gym Will Help You Stay In Shape While Traveling.

There is no doubt that Crossfit workouts are great and will help you burn off those calories that you ate for dinner the night before or the two drinks you had that are making you feel guilty. Crossfit is a fast-paced and high-intense workout that will give you a good sweat anywhere you go.  You can always be sure that the workout will give you what you need to stay in shape while traveling.  Crossfit targets muscle groups and your endurance and will be a great workout to start your day off with before trekking off to your traveling adventures.

Try to find a Crossfit Gym before you leave home by searching for various CrossFit affiliates in the area you are traveling and choose one based on location and what you read about them online.  There are plenty of ways to check reviews so be sure to find their Facebook page, Instagram account, and website to get the information you need. Drop them an email, letting them know about your CrossFit experience and that you would like to drop-in.  They will be happy to let you know their procedures for this and how they can accommodate you.

I love finishing a workout at a CrossFit gym when I travel and having that feeling of exploding endorphins knowing that I am keeping fit while I travel.  You will undoubtedly get in an awesome workout and it will definitely help you maintain your fitness throughout your holiday.  Try to target a few days when you will be able to workout in a CrossFit box and plan them into your schedule to make sure that you attend.  This will really help you follow through on your plan!

2. You Will Meet Awesome People When Dropping Into A Crossfit Gym.

The best parts about dropping into a CrossFit gym while you travel, in my opinion, are the awesome people you meet in your CrossFit workouts.  As I said before, CrossFit is all about community and you will always be welcomed into any CrossFit Gym wherever you go.

The people you meet while dropping into a CrossFit gym could become life-long friends or at least friends that you can stay in touch with.  I have met some great people while dropping into CrossFit gyms and it is great to maintain those friendships as you never know when you might cross paths again.  If anything, you share a love of the sport and you speak the same language about working out.  This shared understanding about fitness is powerful and so motivating for your own fitness journey.

It's great to chat with people at a CrossFit box about their favorite places to eat, or the best cafe to get a cup of coffee.  You might even want to know where the healthy breakfast spots are or the best hikes in the area. You can definitely glean a lot of information from meeing fellow CrossFitters at a CrossFit gym.

3. You Learn So Much By Visiting Crossfit Gyms Around The World.

Beyond meeting great people and maintain your fitness, you also can learn a great deal by visiting other CrossFit gyms and getting coached by different people.  Crossfit involves small classes with very focused and direct coaching. This is what initially attracted me to the sport.  I wanted something more than just putting on my headphones in a gym and doing bicep curls.  I loved group classes as well in larger global gyms but it was quality coaching that I was after.  I have learned a great deal from my coaches and they have pushed and helped me beyond what I could ever completed on my own.

When I drop into other CrossFit affiliates I really look forward to learning from others and what they can point out and guide me in.  I have had some of my best workouts in other boxes, not because there is anything wrong with home box, but simply because working out of your comfort zone can push you harder and you get different tips from different people.

All coaches bring different backgrounds and expertise in different areas.  Maybe you need specific pointers on your snatch or you want to finally get those double unders.  Traveling to different CrossFit boxes can really open up your own knowledge base and expand what you already know about fitness.  While visiting a CrossFit gym in Chiang Mai, Thailand I discovered a new strategy for butterfly pull-ups and this really helped with my pullup efficiency and speed.  You just never know what you might learn by traveling to different CrossFit gyms around the world!

So, what are you waiting for?

Get out there and travel the world.  Traveling can open your mind to different ways of living and it can be the best education you receive.  Crossfit, as a form of fitness, has been one of the best things I discovered and I can't wait for the rest of the journey.  There are so many reasons to travel and drop into CrossFit affiliates around the world.  Hopefully, these three reasons inspire you to keep fit, get fit or just try something new while you travel!

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