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How to do Yoga While Traveling

How to do Yoga While Traveling

Set aside just a few minutes each day while you travel to enjoy the numerous benefits of yoga.

Frequent travel is tough on your body.

Long flights and lots of sitting will leave you feeling tired, sore and achy.

Many travelers neglect their fitness routine almost entirely due to busy schedules but that's a huge mistake that will have both short and long term negative consequences. Practicing yoga while you travel is a great way to reverse some of the damage that travel can do to your body. Yoga will help you build strength and flexibility and can protect you from many chronic diseases and ailments. Whether you're a frequent yogi who struggles to take your routine on the road with you or a newbie looking to find ways to incorporate yoga into your travels, it's important to set aside a few minutes each day while you travel to enjoy the numerous benefits of yoga.

Here's how you can do yoga while you travel.

The Benefits of Yoga

Many fitness fads have come and gone over the years but yoga has remained consistently one of the most popular forms of working out. It's for good reason. The benefits of yoga go far beyond just physical. The body-mind connection that provides relaxation for yogis is perfect for helping you reset when you're busy all day with flights, meetings and sightseeing. 

Here are some of the many ways that yoga will improve your health:

  • Improves Posture

  • Builds Strength

  • Improves Flexibility

  • Protects the Spine

  • Increases Blood Flow

  • Improves Athletic Performance

  • Protects You From Injury

  • Improves Immunity

  • Improves Digestion

  • Improves Mental Performance

  • Alleviates Stress

Getting Started (For Newbies)

Don't be too intimidated to get started with yoga. Find a class either at home or while you're traveling. Class environments provide great energy and many yoga teachers will give you incredible guidance and offer creativity in how they teach. For anyone new to yoga, classes are a great way to learn the basics and get comfortable with poses. Once you've gained some experience, consider trying your own practice at home, in a hotel room or in a nice spot outside. Doing your own yoga practice works better for frequent travelers as you will be less reliant on class schedules and locations and will be able to practice at your own time, pace and location.

Set a schedule.

Have your times and days planned out in advance if you will be doing yoga on your own. Aim for three to four days a week. Early mornings and late evenings tend to work best for travelers with busy schedules during the day.

Develop a plan.

It's usually best to not just wing it when it comes to practicing yoga. Instead, know ahead of time what you plan to do. Common routines start with a still position, followed by a warm-up with easy movements. Standing poses, active poses and deep stretches should make up the bulk of your practice. End with a cool down.

Keep it simple.

Don't go too crazy on your own, especially with poses that you think might be too difficult for you. Stick to what you know you can do when practicing on your own and ease yourself into the tougher ones in a class. Here are a few basic poses that keep it simple and are perfect for traveling (click on the pose for an instructional video).

Remember to breathe.

Many articles and posts miss the most important point of yoga: breathing. Breathe in through your nose, filling your lungs with air. Exhale through your nose. 

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Yoga

Working it Into Your Travel Routine


Travel can be crazy and hectic. Make sure you set aside some time while you're traveling to do some yoga. Devote some time to yourself and your wellness.

Scale your yoga for travel.

Many experienced yogis are used to hour-long classes in studios when they're at home but being on the road calls for some scaling. Find a few minutes each day to practice your favorite poses. Set an achievable goal. For example, aim to do ten minutes of yoga three to four days a week. Practice yoga right in your hotel room or you can even find a corner of the airport terminal for a quick session while you wait for your flight. 

Get outside.

Find a spot outside when the weather is nice. This can actually make practicing yoga while traveling even more fun. Finding a great view and relaxing in a few poses is a great way to enjoy the moment, catch your breath amidst your hectic schedule and undo some of the damage from sitting for hours on your most recent flight. Consider rooftops, balconies, local parks or by the pool for your session.

Be prepared.

Plan ahead of time for your yoga practice while you travel. Make sure you pack a yoga mat that is optimized for travel. Jade Yoga Mats are a Fittest Travel favorite and should fit in your carry on. Pack your favorite yoga clothes too. Plan out your practice schedule by picking times and days that you will devote to yoga. 

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