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Take Your Fitness Outdoors With the Playground Workout

Take Your Fitness Outdoors With the Playground Workout

Playgrounds are the perfect place for a no equipment, calorie-burning, muscle-building bodyweight workout.

You can't always get to a gym.

With busy schedules and family responsibilities, making time for fitness can be tricky whether you're at home or traveling. Even if you can get to a gym, is that really where you want to be when the weather starts getting warmer and the daylight lasts longer? Let's face it, the gym is not everyone's favorite place. 

As a parent, one thing I've discovered is that taking your kid to the playground can be the perfect time for you to get in a great workout. While they're enjoying themselves on the slide or playing with other kids, you can be knocking out sets of bodyweight exercises. There's also the added benefit of working out in the great outdoors. Enjoy some nice weather and fresh air while you improve your body and mind with some exercise.

If you're not a parent, there's usually no reason why you can't use a playground for your own fitness. This can be especially helpful when you're traveling and don't have access to a gym. There are tons of parks and playgrounds, usually within walking distance of where you're staying.

Save money. 

Enjoy the outdoors.

Get results.

Here you go.

The Playground Workout

This is a full body, high-intensity workout and should be performed as a circuit. Choose one exercise from each group. Perform each exercise you choose in order for one minute. Rest thirty seconds in between exercises. Complete three to five rounds for time. Warm up with a light run, some jumping jacks or jump rope for a few one to two minutes.

Group One

Jumping Jacks (Beginner)

Jump Rope (Intermediate)

Box Jumps (Advanced)

Group Two

Kneeling Push-Ups (Beginner)

Push-Ups (Intermediate)

Feet Elevated Push-Ups (Advanced)

Group Three

Squats (Beginner)

Rear Leg Elevated Split Squats (Intermediate)

Pistol Squats (Advanced)

Group Four

Inverted Rows (Beginner)

Chin-Ups or Pull-Ups (Intermediate)

Muscle-Ups (Advanced)

Group Five

Mountain Climbers (Beginner)

Burpees (Intermediate)

Bodyweight Triceps Extension (Advanced)


 Pistol Squats

Pistol Squats

Remember when working out on a playground to be considerate of children playing. You may get some looks from parents but don't pay them no mind. You're the one who's getting fitter and healthier. 

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The Bottom Line

The outdoors are a great place to get in a workout so enjoy yourself and watch your fitness improve dramatically. You can't beat the effectiveness of bodyweight exercises. They will burn a ton of calories, boost your metabolism for hours after you've completed your workout and will build strength and muscle. As if that's not good enough, you can do them almost anywhere. Whether you're at home or traveling, taking your workout outdoors provides you with an incredibly efficient alternative to working out in the gym. It makes sense. It works. Give it a try.

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