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5 Reasons You Should Be Working Out While You Travel

5 Reasons You Should Be Working Out While You Travel

Nothing is more important than your health. Here's why you need a daily fitness routine while you travel.

On my most recent trip, I decided to try something new in my morning routine. I started every morning with a light workout as soon as I got out of bed. Nothing too crazy, just a set of ten to twenty push-ups and squats. I was done in under a minute, but I couldn't believe how great I felt as I began my day. I was more awake. I had better focus and clarity. My mind and body felt primed for the rest of the day ahead of me. It got me thinking about just how many benefits there are to exercise, far beyond just the physical ones.

Why You Need to Work Out While You Travel

When you're traveling, fitness can often become the last thing you want to think about. If you're traveling on business, a busy schedule may prevent you from making time for a workout. When you're on vacation, there's a good chance you want nothing to do with anything that resembles strenuous physical activity. If this is you, I strongly caution you to rethink your approach to your health. You need to exercise for so many reasons. If you travel a lot, establishing a daily fitness routine is critical for your health, happiness and longevity. 

If you're still not convinced, here are five reasons you should be working out while you travel.

1. You'll live longer.

If someone told you that spending a few minutes a day moving your body around will reduce your risk of heart disease, obesity and chronic disease, you would have to be crazy to not commit yourself to doing it, right? Science has shown us that regular exercise will increase your life expectancy. The higher the intensity, the better. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is the best, followed by running at a moderate pace. If you can't do either of those, at least commit yourself to taking a daily walk or bike ride.

2. It will sharpen your mind.

Regular exercise will actually make you smarter and improve your mental clarity. Several studies have shown clear cognitive benefits of physical activity and have demonstrated a link between exercise, standing or stretching and a seven percent improvement in brain functioning. This can come in handy for business travelers in particular. Sometimes a cup of coffee isn't enough to get you focused for a big meeting after a long flight. Try doing a quick bodyweight workout to fire up your brain and sharpen your focus.

3. You'll be less stressed.

Exercising treats depression just as well, if not better, than common anti-depressant medications. A couple of things happen when we workout. Your brain, thinking that exercise is stress on the body, releases neurotransmitters and endorphins to combat the stress, protect your body and reset your system. This is what causes a feeling of euphoria and happiness after your workout. Commit to a daily exercise routine and you'll notice an immediate reduction in your stress levels.

4. You will enjoy traveling even more.

Think about the previous three benefits of exercise and apply them to your travels. Living longer will allow you to travel more. A sharper mind will let you take in more of your surroundings and enjoy the moments even more. If you're traveling for business, your productivity will increase and the quality of your work will improve. Less stress will let you sleep better at night, leading to a well-rested traveler ready to take on everyday with more vigor than ever before.

5. It will save you money.

Yes, exercising will save you some serious cash. Research has shown that regular workouts more than pay for themselves. In one study, participants who exercised on a regular basis saved almost $500 a year on reduced doctor's appointments and prescriptions. It's no surprise, either. Making time for your health and fitness while you travel means you will be less at risk of being hospitalized. If you stick to a regular fitness routine, the cash you spend on working out will come back to you directly in the form of healthcare savings. 

The Bottom Line

You owe it to yourself to reap the many benefits of exercise and enhance your travel experience by making time to workout. Do yoga, go for a run, or crush sets of push-ups, squats and burpees right in your hotel room. The choice is yours but make sure you do it. 

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