A fitness movement built around traveling.

Traveling For the Barre Hopper

Traveling For the Barre Hopper

Barre has become one of the fastest growing fitness experiences today because it’s fun, graceful, and challenging.

If you are like many women these days, you love hitting the barre. 

By barre, I mean the ballet barre!

This is a new craze that’s sending women into dance studios across the country and for good reason. Barre has become one of the fastest growing fitness experiences today because it’s fun, graceful, and challenging. Well-sculpted and fit bodies are developed through choreographed repetitions, isometric movements, and strength training. Barre is the perfect way to burn calories, challenge your core, and improve your balance and flexibility while enjoying your workout.

What is Barre?

When people think of ballet barre, they often think of a ballerina. You don’t have to be a ballerina to do barre though and you certainly don’t have to be a woman! This is an all-inclusive and effective workout for both the beginner and more advanced dancer. In fact, there isn’t any actual dancing involved in this workout. Barre incorporates postures and positions used in the art of ballet as well as other more well-known workouts like pilates and yoga. These postures increase flexibility, build strength, tone and define muscles while burning calories.

Barre focuses on your core, arms, legs, thighs, and glutes using isometric movements and your own body weight. Barre strengthens your core which not only will help you get fit, but it will also help you develop great posture. Posture is key when standing tall and taking pressure off the lower back in everyday movement which will cause less stress and tension in the back overall. The exercise is great for people who experience back pain or tension because it is a low injury risk workout. Barre is also known to improve your mind-body connection. You truly must focus your thoughts on each tiny muscle that you are working out, and you can feel it too.

How to do Barre While Traveling

The thought is that traveling for the barre obsessed can be difficult and challenging if you don’t have access to a local dance studio, barre studio, or even a gym. In fact, barre is just beginning to spread its wings in the gym world. Not many local gyms even offer barre yet. So, how can you do barre while traveling? Have no fear because you can do a barre workout almost anywhere, including right in your hotel room.

You can use just about anything in a hotel room for a barre if it has the height. For example, a desk chair, window ledge, dresser top, back of a couch or loveseat, and even an ironing board (propped against a wall for sturdiness) make great barres. The barre is simply a prop used for balancing purposes, so improvising can be simple. You also don’t need any gym equipment for this great workout. All you need is your bodyweight. However, if you are a traveler who brings some workout materials, then light hand weights, an exercise ball and/or resistance bands can be incorporated.

Try the below workout right in your hotel room or at home.

Warm up for five minutes with high knees or jumping jacks and cool down for five minutes at the end.

The Travel Barre Workout

25 Plie Squats (Legs Wide)

25 Plie Squats (Heels Together)

50 Calf Raises

20 Push-Ups

1 Minute Plank

30 Second Left Side Plank

30 Second Right Side Plank

Repeat Circuit 4x

So, the next time you’re on vacation or traveling for work, make sure you hit the barre that’s going to give you the greatest benefit of your vacation.

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