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How to Make $100 a Day While Traveling

How to Make $100 a Day While Traveling

We live in an age of side gigs, freelance work, and being your own boss. 

A few years ago, I left my job in finance to do something I actually wanted to do. The move came with a big pay cut and I needed to find a way to supplement my income. I needed something that gave me flexibility. A side gig that would allow me to create my own hours. It also had to be something that I felt passionate about. Seems like a lot to ask right? Well, I was fortunate to find exactly what I was looking for and it was a lot easier than one might think it would be.

I'm going to lay out for you exactly how I found a job that does all of the following:

  • pays between $50 and $150 a day
  • allows me to work from wherever I am (just need a laptop and WiFi)
  • let's me work on something I'm passionate about
  • let's me control how much money I make

How I Found the Side Gig I Was Looking For

I became a professional firefighter in 2016. It was a job I had always wanted and was happy to have finally achieved it. The only problem was that I had taken a huge pay cut. It wasn't permanent but to start off my salary was not enough to maintain the lifestyle that my wife, daughter and I had been living. I needed a way to make more money. I needed it to be flexible enough to allow me to do it anywhere and at anytime I wanted. I also wanted it to be something that I was passionate about.

Here's what I did.

I used sites like Upwork to find freelance writing gigs. Not writing for "content mills" that would pay me a few cents per word. I was looking for legitimate websites that paid by word count. The key here is to not stick with Upwork or other freelancer sites. Once you have found the employer you have been looking for, move to establish a direct working relationship. This way you will avoid having to pay fees to the hosting website.

I created a profile that highlighted my experience and knowledge in the area I was looking to write about.

I posted samples of my writing and used what I considered to be my best material and that pertained to the subject I was most interested in. 

I was contacted by a few sites looking for writers. I went with the one that was most aligned with what I wanted to write about. I now have the side gig I had been looking for.

As a US Army veteran, I wanted to write about national security and military news. Check.

I wanted something that would pay me by word count. I now make between $50 and $100 per article I write. Check.

I wanted something that would let me travel when I wasn't at the firehouse and allowed me to write from anywhere in the world and at any time I chose. Check.

I wanted something that would let me control how much money I brought it. The more articles I write and submit, the more I get paid. Check.

The Benefits

I was looking for this to be a side gig to supplement my income. This might be the case for you too. It might be your only source of income. Either way, it's perfect for anyone who wants the flexibility to travel the world and work from their laptop. 

As you know, this is a blog about travel fitness. So you might be wondering how exactly this ties into this subject. Well, our philosophy at Fittest Travel is that travel plus fitness equals happiness. Travel enriches your life through experiences. Fitness extends your life by improving your health and allows you to enjoy the experiences that much more. So whether you travel for business or pleasure, there is a deeper sense of happiness to be found in traveling the world and staying fit. Having a steady source of income that you control the amount of and that can be obtained from work you create and submit from your laptop anywhere you are in the world is a true blessing. 

I hope that you can use this as a map for finding the same type of job.

Here's the bottom line:

It's possible to find a job that pays you to do something you're passionate about and doesn't require you come to work in an office or at a physical location. We live in an age of side gigs, freelance work and being your own boss. Make your own hours. Control your own salary. Travel the world and work from your laptop. 

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