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5 Essential Health Hacks For Frequent Travelers

5 Essential Health Hacks For Frequent Travelers

These five hacks will help your body adjust to traveling and keep you healthy while you're away from home.

It’s no secret that a change in your normal everyday environment can throw off your body’s natural state.

Climate, temperature, humidity, altitude, and pollution are just a small list of factors that play a role in the body’s reaction to travel. This is especially true for frequent travelers, as your body has to repeatedly adjust.

Here's the thing - when the body is adjusting to a new climate, that’s exactly what your body is focusing its energy on, making normal everyday tasks seem much more tiring. Think about it like this, when your body is acclimated to its everyday environment, it doesn’t need to focus so much energy on normal tasks. You can expend more energy on other things like exercise, doing house or yard work, running errands, etc. Once you change the climate, the body needs to figure out its new place and adjust functions to it.

For example, if you travel from a lower altitude to a higher altitude, just one of the many adjustments your body needs to make is feeding your muscles with less oxygen.

Now that we understand what’s going on, what can we do while traveling to ensure that our bodies can adjust easier?

Here are five health hacks every traveler needs to know.

1. Promote good bacteria in your body.

This seems like an odd thing to say. Is there such thing as good bacteria? Yes! Bacteria gets a bad reputation but there is in fact, good and bad bacteria. We live with bad bacteria in our internal environment but we always want to make sure the good bacteria outnumbers the bad. This promotes healthy digestion, so that as you consume foods your body has a much easier time digesting it. Therefore, your body can use less energy to digest but still gain lots of energy from the food you’re digesting! How do we do this? Ingesting probiotic! These can be found in kombucha, yogurt, garlic, and much more!

2. Hydrate.

This almost seems like a no-brainer but it isn’t. We always want to be properly hydrated but when your traveling it is imperative that you focus on your hydration. Always having water with you on the plane, constantly drinking and making sure that your cells are nourished.

3. Steer clear of grab and go snacks.

This could possibly be the more challenging hack. Traveling always leaves us in a rush, and taking the time for real foods can seem impossible. Make sure you plan ahead and think out things that you’ll be able to easily travel with that aren’t in a package. Grab and go snacks like granola bars, sandwiches, candy, chips, are all things that are too high in sugar and sodium. Added sugar will take energy to process by the body but won’t be used, only stored. High sodium foods will dehydrate the body much faster, removing water from cells (which they need for functions that keep you alive!)

4. Get up and move.

Sitting kills. The human body is not designed to be still. Get up and get moving, simple as that! Sure, we can’t be running all around airplanes and cars. As you wait for transportation to arrive, stay standing and walk around. As soon as you reach your destination, stretch and move! This keeps blood flowing, muscles stretched and increases elasticity, and is much better for the joints.

5. Avoid high sodium foods.

We get it, it’s difficult to manage your diet outside of your home. However, it’s totally doable! Avoid the big restaurant meals and opt for whole, nutritious, fresh foods that won’t put your bodies digestive system on overdrive. Sure, maybe one big dinner out is good. However, a whole trip with just those meals will make basic functions a lot more challenging on the body. Utilize local cafes, grocery stores, and healthier restaurants when traveling.

Bottom Line

Traveling takes a toll on the human body and the only way to withstand it and maintain your health is by being proactive. These hacks will keep your body functioning right and will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while being away from home.

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