A fitness movement built around traveling.

How to be an Athletic Nomad

How to be an Athletic Nomad

You have a support system at home but what about when you're traveling? That's where we come in.

As someone who travels frequently, it can be really hard to stay fit away from home. One reason for this is the lack of support we're getting when we're on the road. 

Think about this for a second.

At home, you have a support system. You have friends and family. You have the people in the fitness classes you take or the friends you've made at the gym you go to.

But what about when you're traveling?

For most of us, those groups disappear when we're traveling. They don't travel with us. This leaves us isolated in many ways and can make keeping to a fitness routine even tougher. You're already dealing with things like hectic schedules and lousy hotel gyms. Give yourself the best chance of success. 

You need to be part of a group of people who think the same way you do. 

People who travel a lot but still care about their health and fitness.

That's what we're here for.

Athletic Nomad Club

Fittest Travel has been around for almost two years now, but in order to bring us all together and to deliver the best possible content and information on travel fitness, we've formed Athletic Nomad Club. It's the first travel fitness club exclusively for frequent travelers with a passion for staying fit away from home.

Here's what we're all about.

Our Principles

These are the rules that Athletic Nomads live by. Life is tough. Jobs, families, and stress from a million different directions can get the best of us and knock us off course. Keep these principles in mind as you pursue greatness in everything you do, not just travel and fitness.

Keep it simple.

There are a ton of options for health and fitness. We're constantly bombarded with new trends, fads, equipment, training techniques, and nutrition strategies. 

Do they work?

Maybe some of them do. But it can be really tough to tune out what doesn't and find what does. One thing that we know works is keeping it simple. This means doing what we know works: moving everyday, constantly improving, and using the best fitness equipment available to you: your own body. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Don't let comfort make you weak.

We get stronger physically and mentally in situations where we are uncomfortable. We need some discomfort to truly flourish. Challenge yourself constantly by doing things that are uncomfortable: expose yourself to cold weather more, stand when a seat is available, or force yourself to use your phone less often (especially in public places).

Be self-reliant.

Athletic Nomad Club is not only about staying fit while traveling, it's about creating a group of fitter, healthier, self-reliant, physically and mentally strong travelers that are ready to react and adapt to almost any situation.

Set yourself up for success by having to rely less on technology or other people. Be a self-reliant traveler.

Travel + fitness = happiness.

This is our mantra. It's at the core of what we're building here. 

Traveling enriches our life through the experience and memories we gain from it. Fitness improves our mind and body. It makes us feel better about ourselves and it extends our lives. Combine the two and you have what we believe is the formula for a happy life. 

Do the hard stuff consistently.

The hard things are what make us stronger. It's easy to find the shortcut or be lazy. Don't take the easy way out. Fitness should be a challenge. If your workout isn't hard, you're not improving. And consistency is key. Do it day in, day out. There is no finish line.



Master your own bodyweight.

Get the most bang for your buck when working out. Don't waste your time, we're all short on it. Bodyweight training is the most efficient, effective, and smart way to get yourself in unbelievable shape. You don't need gym memberships, personal trainers, or expensive machines. Be your own machine.

Do basic bodyweight exercises and do them often. Add more repetitions as you improve. Try harder variations when you're ready. You won't believe how much it changes you.

Improve everyday.

Everyday is a new opportunity to get better at something. Make a list at the beginning of the day and review it at the end of the day. The feeling that you get just from checking off even a single box, knowing that you accomplished something and got better will make you a happier person.

Think about longevity.

We're in it for the long haul and we hope you are too. Diseases and ailments rob far too many of our friends and families of a long life. Nothing is totally avoidable but wouldn't you like to give yourself the best possible chance at living a long and happy life? Not only a long life but one that doesn't see you bed-ridden or in a nursing home in your final years. Fitness is the most important factor in this fight for a long life. 

If you're ever searching for a reason to get out of bed early in the morning to go workout, think about longevity.

Embrace struggle.

Find what you struggle with and get better at it everyday. It's in the struggle where we find what drives us in life. We need to have something that humbles us. Something that we have to work at to get better at. It gives us purpose.

Find your tribe.

Humans were made to be a part of a tribe or a community. It's in our DNA. We're wired for it. Yet in today's modern world, we're becoming increasingly isolated. 

We need to be part of group of people who think like us. From keeping us accountable to sharing advice with each other, groups are essential to our success. If you travel and want to stay fit, Athletic Nomad Club is your tribe.

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