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Fitness Advice From Athletes You Can Use While Traveling

Fitness Advice From Athletes You Can Use While Traveling

Here’s what elite athletes do to ensure that their bodies are able to perform at peak performance - and how you can do it too.

Some of the world’s fittest people are athletes, so it makes sense that they can be good sources of fitness-related pointers. Here, we have collated advice given by five of the finest - and fittest athletes on the planet.

Best of all, these tips can specifically help you to stay fit while you travel.

LeBron James


LeBron James should be declining by now. He is 34 years old, with an incredible amount of mileage on his body. But he isn’t like anyone else. He is unusually fit, and his secret appears to be the pure depth of his dedication. Fitness for LeBron is clockwork, with the many-time MVP doing anything and everything to stay as fit as he can be.

"It's every day,” says LeBron. “Around the clock every single day, working on my body."

You, too, should approach fitness the way the Lakers leader does. When you’re on the road, do something every day that will keep you fit. Hit the hotel gym, go for a run, walk, or hike, and make healthy eating choices as much as possible. Consistency, in other words, is the secret.

Dame Sarah Storey


Paraolympian Dame Sarah Storey says fitness is all about mindset. In an interview, Sarah noted the importance she places on the mental side of things:

“Mindset is a vital tool that is often underused and frequently overlooked.” But that’s definitely not the case for her. She further explains that having the right mindset can “create a better environment for succeeding with new goals.”

If you have the right mindset in terms of keeping fit, no interruption - like, perhaps, being on the road a lot - should be a hindrance. Have a mental game plan for health and fitness long before your flight departs. Knowing what your’re going to do when you arrive at your destination and is a big part in following through.

J.J. Watt


For NFL superstar J.J. Watt, nothing is mundane when it comes to staying fit. Watt approaches his fitness regimen with ferocity, as if he's chasing down a quarterback at all times.

He neither skips nor takes for granted anything, including the “boring” stuff like foam rolling and muscle activation exercises. This attention to detail has made the Wisconsin native a beast on the field, and it is a lesson you, too, can heed in your fitness journey.

Do the little things, even while on the road. In some cases, they might even make up the bulk of your fitness routine while you're traveling. No one enjoys foam rolling, but performing basic maintenance on our bodies is critical for feeling good and will make you more likely to stick to a fitness routine.

José Altuve

Photo from ESPN.

Photo from ESPN.

José Altuve is a physical marvel. A big reason for that is his remarkable work ethic, which he's indicated he applies to every aspect of staying fit. In comments on his fitness, Altuve has indicated that he places a lot of importance on strengthening and maintaining every part of his body evenly.

Small wonder that he has become one of Major League Baseball’s most durable players! He has rarely missed a game for his Houston Astros, and is a big reason that the team is one of MLB’s betting favorites to win it all (and has been in the mix with the best odds for a few seasons in a row now).

The diminutive All-Star has truly become one of the most impactful stars in the league. He's a terrific reminder to keep your fitness routine as comprehensive as possible, which can be difficult while traveling. Your takeaway here is to be cover all your bases. Yes, even on the road. Do your strength, conditioning, endurance, and mobility training while traveling.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer at 2019 Hopman Cup.jpg_29496262_ver1.0_1280_720.jpg

Like LeBron, Federer should be on the decline by now. Yet he remains elite in men's tennis, and that’s a testament to both his unparalleled talents and exceptional fitness.

He credits his being in elite shape to having a fitness coach: Pierre Paganini. “A big part of the reason that I’m here where I am today is definitely because of Pierre,” Federer has said.

It's enough reason to consider getting a fitness coach for yourself, if you're able to. Such a coach can give you valuable pointers and help you to stay on task, even while you might be traveling. It's an added expense, but one that can be every bit as worth it as, say, trainer sessions at your local gym.

There are options for having a trainer while traveling. Check your hotel beforehand and see if they offer personal training sessions, which many do. You can also consider virtual training through Livekick, an app which offers one-on-one personal training sessions through live video.

Bottom Line

We’ve detailed five incredible athletes, and the efforts they take to ensure that their bodies are able to perform at peak performance. Each individual dominates a specific sport, however; through their shared accomplishments we are able to see that drive, determination, and hard work remain crucial components toward an athlete’s overall success.

Indeed, the right training regiment and mindset can go as far as to add years of longevity to an athlete’s career (Roger Federer and Lebron James deserve credit in this regard). Here at Fittest Travel we believe that any individual has the capacity to improve their fitness throughout the often hectic and uncertain schedule of traveling.

Elite athletes help to showcase the mentality needed for this success - Whether you are paddle boarding in the Gulf of Mexico, or struggling to hail a cab on London's bustling side streets, you can carry this alpha mentality to achieve a more balanced and fit lifestyle .

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