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Review: Find a Gym Anywhere With TrainAway

Review: Find a Gym Anywhere With TrainAway

TrainAway is the “Airbnb of Fitness” - an online marketplace for day passes at gyms around the world.

One thing that almost any dedicated gym-goer has experienced while traveling is the struggle to find a good gym.

We’ve all been there - the hotel gym isn’t up to your standard and you start looking for alternatives. When you do find a gym to workout at, you’re met with a pile of paperwork and a high price tag for a single-day pass.

Let me introduce you to an app that’s looking to break down those barriers to finding a good place to workout on the road. TrainAway was founded in 2017 and has been called the “Airbnb of Fitness.”

Let’s take a look at what it’s all about.

Introducing TrainAway


TrainAway is the world’s largest network of gyms (over 1,200 worldwide) with day pass access right on your phone.

In 2016, Kenn Gudbergsen and Alexander Schroder both worked full time in consulting jobs in Copenhagen. Frequent business and leisure travel found them constantly being met with the problem of not being able to access quality fitness clubs away from home.

When the chance came to build a platform that solved this problem, they never looked back. They quit their jobs to chase their new dream: TrainAway.

This simple mobile app helps you discover gyms in your vicinity, and check whether they have the right facilities for you. You buy your pass through the app and you’re ready to go train.

How it Works


TrainAway is easy to use. Download the app, open it, and create a login. Search your location on the map and choose a gym that offers day passes with TrainAway - there’s over 1,200 of them.

Select your pass type and complete your purchase. Once you arrive at the gym, show the prepaid pass on your phone to the gym staff and then get right into your workout.

It all takes less than two minutes.

When searching for gyms in the app, you will see two different color icons marking gyms in your area: blue and grey. The blue ones are partner gyms, which means they accept TrainAway day passes. The grey ones are non-partner gyms, which means they do not yet accept TrainAway day passes. But don’t worry, TrainAway will give you as much information as possible about these gyms.

TrainAway can be found for both IOS and Android and will be live as a web app as well in the fall of 2019.

Our Thoughts

Here at Fittest Travel, we’re here to help you become a smarter fitness-minded traveler by finding the best strategies, workouts, and tools to get you to your full athletic potential.

We found TrainAway to be a great way to find a good gym in your area and skip the hassle of trying to secure a day pass. The app is laid out well and easy to use.

Just take a look at the people who developed it. Kenn Gudbergsen and Alexander Schroder both experienced firsthand the difficulties that come with keeping a fitness routine while traveling and have developed a useful tool for any frequent traveler to find a place to train on the road.

The only thing we’d love to see from TrainAway is for them to gain more partner gyms, which we’re told is something that is in the works.

Perhaps the best thing about TrainAway is the fact that there’s no subscription required. Buy a day pass when you need it and you’re ready to train.

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