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Handy Gym: Exercise With This NASA-Influenced Portable Gym

Handy Gym: Exercise With This NASA-Influenced Portable Gym

You can now do your favorite strength training exercises anywhere, anytime with this conical pulley device based on inertial technology.

Have you ever wondered how astronauts workout in space? There’s no gravity up there, so how are they supposed to build their muscles and strength when the weights they would be lifting wouldn’t weight anything?

The answer is inertial training, which uses inertia, or the resistance of a physical object to a change in its velocity, instead of gravity to create resistance. Astronauts use what’s called an Advanced Resistive Exercise Device, or ARED, to keep their muscles from atrophying in space.

This cool technology for solving the problem of having no gravity is now being used to solve the problem that many travelers face: having no gym to workout in.

The Handy Gym is using this NASA-developed system to create a device that you can travel with and get a strength training workout in anywhere and anytime.

Introducing Handy Gym


Handy Gym is a compact training tool that uses pulleys and discs to create isoinertial resistance, which is considered one of the safest and most effective ways to build strength and muscle. The resistance is constant throughout the whole of movement in both the concentric (lifting) phase and the eccentric (lowering) phase.

Think of Handy Gym as a small cable machine. It comes with three different resistance discs and a wide variety of gripping elements that allow you to perform up to 200 different exercises and work any muscle group you want.

Handy Gym also has integrated sensors to help you monitor your results, calories burned, and strength used.


How to Use Handy Gym

Handy Gym is easy to travel with and even easier to use. You can start by downloading their app for guided exercises and workouts.

Set up your Handy Gym’s rope at the height you need to do the exercise correctly.

Then, you choose your interchangeable inertial disc.

You have three different resistance levels to choose from and you’ll use one of the three discs to provide that resistance.You can also add the double power pulley for even more resistance.



You can also choose a wide variety of accessories for your workout. Handy Gym is available with a door mount, a platform, loop strap, D-grip handle, a handle with a foot cradle, a belt, an ankle strap, and the double power pulley for more resistance.

This variety of accessories allows you to choose a wide range of movements that will improve your strength and help you build muscle - all with a device that you can pack in your bag.


Traveling is no longer an excuse to skip workouts. Handy Gym is an effective and portable way to exercise anywhere and is now available for pre-order on KickStarter, starting at $379.

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