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5 Reasons Why Travelers Should Be Doing Bodyweight Exercises

5 Reasons Why Travelers Should Be Doing Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises will help you develop strength, stability, flexibility and overall health.

When you're spending your days and nights in airports and hotels, the best option for getting in shape is often the most simple.

Bodyweight exercises require no machinery or equipment and are a simple, effective way to develop your strength, stability and flexibility. Even if you're not traveling, with bodyweight training there is no excuse to skip a workout. Get your heart pumping in your living room, on a playground or in your hotel room while you build strength and boost your metabolism.

If you're still not convinced that bodyweight training is the answer to your fitness problems, here are five reasons why you should start embracing it today.

1. It's time-efficient.

Some pretty conclusive research has now shown that higher intensity workouts that are shorter in duration are even more effective than longer, less intense workouts. It should come as no surprise. By pushing your body close to its limits for shorter periods, you'll improve your cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic and mechanical functions. Try performing your workouts for a set amount of time (10 or 20 minutes) and time yourself. Record your results every time you perform a workout. This is a great way to track your progress as you become more fit. 

2. It's free.

Who doesn't love getting something for free? How about an effective workout that doesn't cost you a gym membership fee or expensive machines for your home gym? All you need to perform an effective bodyweight workout is some floor space (something to hang from for pull-ups is great if it's available). Fitness trends show that many people who wish to get in better shape are deterred by the high costs of gyms, personal trainers and equipment. They're overlooking the most simple solution: bodyweight workouts. 

3. You'll build strength.

A common perception about bodyweight training is that you can't build a lot of muscle. This is obviously nonsense to anyone who has seen a gymnast. If your goal is to build muscle you can do it with bodyweight workouts. You can't just stick to the basics though. Use advanced variations and progressions to build your strength as you get better at bodyweight exercises. 

Why is building strength so important? Getting stronger will help you develop stronger bones, manage your weight and increase your metabolism so you burn more calories even when you're resting. 

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4. You'll lose fat.

You will burn more calories and lose more fat with compound bodyweight movements. You'll crank your metabolism during your workout and your body will continue to burn more calories long after you finish. Jump on a treadmill or go for a long run once in awhile but don't make them the only exercise you do. Add some bodyweight workouts to your routine. 

5. Your health will improve.

High intensity bodyweight workouts are not only safe for everyone but are incredibly effective at preventing many chronic ailments, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke and arthritis. If you're not interested in working to make yourself more physically attractive, you should at least want to live as long and as healthily as possible. Start embracing bodyweight training and make it a regular part of your routine, both at home and on the road. 

Bottom Line

It's clear that bodyweight training at higher intensity for shorter periods is superior to long rounds of traditional "cardio." Your short on time when you're traveling, so don't waste it. Get the most out of your workouts and do bodyweight exercises. 

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