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4 Free Apps That Will Keep You Fit While Traveling

4 Free Apps That Will Keep You Fit While Traveling

These four apps make it easy to meet your health and fitness goals while traveling.

Traveling for business or leisure can be an obstacle for many people looking to either stay fit or get in better shape. The combination of fast food, sitting on long flights and limited time to exercise is a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, there are a ton of resources you can use to track your nutrition and get in a great workout wherever you are and with nothing but your bodyweight. You can also use the right apps to relax your mind and improve your mental health while on the road. Among the top resources of any frequent traveler are the apps in their phone. There are a few that can do wonders for allowing you to worry less about when you're going to fit in your next workout or how many calories you've taken in during your latest layover. 

The apps are free and are useful tools for staying fit anywhere.


As the fastest and easiest to use calorie counter app, it's easy to see why MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular health and fitness apps available right now. MyFitnessPal provides users with a massive database of foods to allow you to track precisely how many calories and macronutrients you are consuming. You can quickly input what you've eaten and track your numbers to better meet your goals.


Bodyweight workouts are king for frequent travelers and Freeletics is an absolute must for anyone looking to get in a great workout anywhere with no equipment. Freeletics has over 900 high intensity workouts, individualized training plans and a connected community that allows you to compare times with friends. You can also track your progress and post your results to compete on the Freeletics leaderboard. 

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club comes with over 100 workouts, audio and visual instructional guidance from experts for every move and personalized training plans to help you meet your goals. Most workouts are perfect for travelers: short, high intensity, and requiring little to no equipment. 


Headspace is the perfect tool to help you maintain your mental health while traveling. You will be guided through meditation (great for beginners) and the free sessions will help you slow down and relax your mind. The free program, Take 10, is a 10-session foundation program that last 10 minutes each. You can transition to a paid subscription if you enjoy the free sessions and want to try longer, more advanced programs.  

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