Athletic Nomad Club Sticker

Athletic Nomad Club Sticker


An athletic nomad is someone who is committed to staying fit and healthy while traveling. Busy schedules, airports, and hotels are not enough to stop you from working out. Anywhere and everywhere, an athletic nomad will find a way to push themselves to get stronger, faster, and fitter. 

Our Principles
1. Keep it simple.
2. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
3. Be self-reliant.
4. Travel + fitness = happiness.
5. Do the hard stuff consistently.
6. Master your own bodyweight.
7. Improve everyday.
8. Think about longevity.
9. Embrace struggle.
10. Find your tribe.

This sticker shows your commitment to staying fit while traveling, no matter what. Join the club. Be part of something special. Travel the world and take care of yourself.

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