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Why You Should Work Out on Vacation

Why You Should Work Out on Vacation

You might not associate vacation with fitness but is it time you considered it?

Vacation is a time to relax, unwind, let go of reality and truly enjoy yourself. We love traveling and vacationing as much as the next person (our world is called Fittest Travel after all).

But there’s always the dreaded question as you are packing your swimsuits, favorite outfits and sandals, “Should I squeeze in a few workouts while on vacation?”

We bet your gut reaction is “No way, I’m trying to lay on the beach, not create ways to sweat it up on my time off!” Before you close that suitcase, we’d like to encourage you to think twice before you leave your sneakers behind.

We suggest hanging onto one piece of your routine - working out. Before you leave your sneakers behind while packing for your next getaway, read on and we’ll convince you why working out on vacation is worth it.

Picture this - dragging your luggage onto the plane, finally opening email after days of freedom and setting five to ten alarms for that next Monday morning because your typical routine is so out of whack you need that extra help just to wake up. We’ve all been there and it’s not fun.

You just rewarded yourself with time away from reality, so why not make the transition back into reality a little less painful? You deserve it.

By working out on vacation, we know we can help make that transition a little more enjoyable.

Before take off, eliminate the most popular excuse for not working out while on vacation, “I didn’t bring any workout gear.” Pack a pair of sneakers you don’t mind using either indoors or out and at least two workout outfits depending on the length of your trip.

Don’t forget important accessories like headphones, an armband for your phone and anything else that helps you get pumped up.

We also suggest taking your Little Viper with as you may be working out on vacation alone and safety is important.

While we highly suggest working out on vacation, we want to make one thing clear, whatever you choose to do should be FUN!

You do not have to bring your routine intensity with you. If you usually work out for an hour aiming to burn a certain number of calories or get a particular step goal, vacation is the time to let go of those expectations and get moving in a relaxing and fun way.

Treat yourself on vacation by enjoying movement in a way you wouldn’t normally participate in at home, have time for, or ability to access.

For example…

Choose Mobility Over Auto Mode

Getting around on vacation usually means public transportation leading to head down, face in phone mode. If you’ve only got a short distance to go, why not try running, walking or renting a bike to get to your destination?

By creating movement, you won’t have time to be buried in your phone and we bet you’ll spy local charm you would have missed otherwise.

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Give it a Shot

Drop into a gym you’ve been curious about (the best part: most first-timers get in for free).

Have you always been interested in what the obsession with spin class is? Wondering if you can handle an Orange Theory Fitness class? Curious about CrossFit? Find a local gym and drop in.

Vacation is a great time to test out a new way to work out because you’ve got the time and a relaxed, open mind that’s ready to learn something new.

Worse case scenario - you realize you hate this type of exercise. Guess what? You’ll never see those people again and you still got a great sweat in.

No Equipment Necessary

Allow your mind to wander and get creative. Whether you’ve got easy access to a park, driveway, parking lot, stairs or a playground, don’t let the lack of fancy workout equipment deter you from getting a sweat on.

We’ve got you covered here with six outdoor, no-equipment workouts. Or make up your own and tell us how it went by dropping a comment below.

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Bring Out Your Inner Kid

Check out a local park. At home, you’re running from bed to the gym to work to kids to dinner and right back to bed again. When is the last time you aimlessly wandered around a local park?

See what’s near your location and go explore. If you want to step up your game, check out my playground workout tips.

Make it a Family Affair

Invite your travel buddies to join you! Committing together can help motivate both parties to get a workout in before the vacation fun begins.

By making workout plans like this, you’ll be forced to consider adding some time to your vacation schedule to get up just a little bit earlier to kick start your day by choosing one of the above.

Don’t go crazy and sign up for a 6 AM class, but consider the 8 or 9 AM to help your body remember the routine it will eventually return to once home. Instead of feeling overwhelmed as you begin your journey home, you’ll carry a little more energy ready to head back into the real world.

Final Word

We say yes to working out on vacation.

Change your perspective. Look at working out on vacation as the number one way to give back to yourself. Before you join the pool party, load up for the bus tour or sprawl out on the beach, consider giving your body the movement it craves.

And consider one more thing.

Consistency is key for improving fitness, especially in beginners. Taking time off from working out every time you’re on vacation can cause you to lose progress or, even worse, fall out of your fitness routine all together when you return home. We’re creatures of habit, after all.

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