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Travel Fitness and Safety: Protect Yourself with the Little Viper

Travel Fitness and Safety: Protect Yourself with the Little Viper

Having convenient protection can mitigate the risk you face when working out alone in public places.

As we celebrate International Women's Day we have something just for our strong women of the Fittest Travel world (hint: keep reading for a giveaway).

As active women who travel and go above and beyond to workout while they do, we want to bring you the best tools and knowledge in this incredible community.

I travel frequently for both work and personal adventures. My love for working out while traveling stems from my inability to sit still, curiosity of new environments and craving the great outdoors. My priority is always to get a great sweat in and do so safely.

Among other barriers that keep us from working out on the go, it’s no secret women who workout alone in public places are at more risk than others.

When I’m given the opportunity to travel to a new place, the last thing I want to do is drag my feet down to the hotel basement to workout using the same old equipment I’m familiar with (although there are some badass hotel gyms out there). After sitting on a plane for hours, I’m itching for fresh air and a new environment. I run with sound canceling headphones and my favorite places to catch a workout are usually public park benches. I realized I wasn’t doing myself any favors being unaware of my surroundings. There’s a fine line between carefree and oblivious. I needed to make a change.

That’s why when I’m on the go, I always ensure I have protection.

I used to carry handheld pepper spray I got as a gift from my fiance’s parents during college. Reality is, it never left the depths of my backpack and was years old. Did you know pepper spray has an expiration date?  

As travel continued to pack my schedule and my love for working out outdoor grew, I knew something better had to exist. That’s how I found Little Viper.

Introducing the Little Viper

Little Viper is the world’s first and only fashionable, pepper spray, self-defense bracelet.

The product is lightweight, about the size of your average fitness tracker, and airplane-safe, so it can travel with you anywhere!


Speaking of incredible women, Little Viper was created by entrepreneur Caroline Olah. She conceptualized the product after being frustrated with other self-defense products.

With inspiration from her daughters, Caroline solely designed, researched, developed and brought the product to the marketplace making the world a safer place for everyone, female or male.

With its lightweight and quality makeup, my Little Viper is with me constantly. I never hesitate to step outside to workout at a local park or get a run in.

Whether I’m racking up miles on my home route or getting a feel for a new city, my self-defense bracelet gives me the confidence to feel like a badass capable of protecting myself anywhere I go.

For all our fellas out there, don’t be shy, Little Viper is the perfect way to subtly carry protection for you too!

Photo by Little Viper.

Photo by Little Viper.

A few quick facts about the Little Viper:

  • Weighs only one ounce.

  • Contains 3-6 three foot bursts with 10% OC pepper spray.

  • The adjustable silicone bracelet is comfortable and fits to your wrist size.

  • Water resistant to sustain all weather.

  • The world’s smallest pepper spray canister holds maximum strength formula to cause coughing, choking and an intense burning sensation while forcing the attacker’s eyes shut.

The Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet is $21.99 and is available here - with an in-depth online course on everything you need to know about pepper spray and FREE replacement if you have to use it.

Final Word

Fittest Travel is dedicated to making fitness a priority while traveling. When you’re hurrying from flights to meetings, we want to ensure you can sweat it out while remaining safe.  

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re partnering with Little Viper to give away a FREE bracelet! Enter by commenting below what makes you a strong woman - inside and out. It’s that simple.

Looking for further inspiration? Catch me on Fittest Travel’s Instagram as I walk you through an outdoor workout and share even more opportunities for your shot at a FREE Little Viper bracelet.

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Cover photo from Sara McInerney.

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