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Burn Calories Before Your Flight with an Airport Workout

Burn Calories Before Your Flight with an Airport Workout

Moving your body before you’re confined to an airplane seat will help you kill some time and do wonders for your health while traveling.

Hopefully you’ve got plenty of summer travel lined up this season. And if you’re going anywhere via plane you know what that means, hours of waiting before you board your flight. Whether you’re showing up early anticipating long security lines or dreading that two hour layover, the convenience of flying comes with a price of time. In the workout world, time is one of the most valuable assets we have. It’s easy to see why with loss of time, comes loss of physical activity.

At Fittest Travel, we believe you can have both. Without interrupting your travel plans, we will show you how to get physical activity in that works for your workout style and travel plans. 

My inspiration for working out while traveling comes from my inability to sit still and desire to make my time work for me. I couldn’t bare wasting hours sitting around while I knew I could be fitting in valuable movement for my day. 

I started with yoga on a small towel I’d bring with me. Long layovers allowed me more time to craft workouts that included strength too. Slowly but surely, I feel I’ve perfect the “How to” steps to get your workout in at any airport. Check it out below. You will not regret this sweat! 

Before you Go

Pack the right snacks. Check out our post called on the 6 Best Protein Bars for Healthy Travel for grocery shopping inspiration.

Keep it clean and get all the mini’s including deodorant, face wipes, body wipes, face wash, facial towel, hand sanitizer and lotion. You travel with most of these items already so add anything you don’t have. Let’s not offend our neighbor on the flight.

Bring an entire change of clothes. You’ll be inside the airport so weather is not a concern. Pack a comfortable outfit you’d usually workout in. This is all about YOUR confidence. 

Invest in a travel mat. I got mine from Amazon. It’s thin, fits in my water bottle holder on my backpack and most of all does the job of separating me from germy airport floors. It doubles as a blanket on cold flights too!

Bring a baseball cap. They’re an excellent tool to hide your hair if things get messy.

Pack all of the above on your carry on, not your checked bag. 

Find a Quiet Spot

But first, double check your gate and flight status. Don’t miss your flight for a workout, airline attendees will not compensate or be kind if that’s your excuse.

Take a few minutes to walk around and find a more empty gate or space with minimal people around. The goal is to give yourself a little space and not to disturb other flyers.


Pump up the Jams

What you’re about to do is weird. Abnormal. Strange. Even bizarre to some. Now is the time to build up that self-confident and the “I got this attitude.” Drop your cares of what anyone else thinks. 

Use wireless headphones for ultimate comfort. Always keep your phone in eyesight or on you using an armband.

Use What You’ve Got

Workout “equipment” can include airport seating, your luggage or window ledges. It’s your turn to be creative and treat the world as your playground. 

Respect the airport. You won’t be welcomed back so kindly to that airport if you damage seating or anything you “use” to workout. 

Always keep safety in mind and keep it simple. Your goal isn’t to make this workout Instagram worthy or break a few personal records, just get a small sweat in.

Follow my page or Fittest Travel’s Instagram for workout inspiration. 

Don’t Get too Sweaty

You read that correctly. Don’t get too sweaty. Nine out of ten airports won’t have public showers (unless you have access to those amazing sky clubs). Your ability to bring your blood pressure and temperature down in such a short amount of time will be limited. 

Design your workout to get movement in but don’t go overboard, you still have a flight where you’ll likely be sitting next to a stranger. Make this a positive experience for everyone, not just you!

Do Your Thing

As weird as you feel being the only one working out of hundreds people roaming around the airport, you WILL feel better afterwards! Even if you only have 10 minutes to get active, that might be your only window of the day to workout. Make it count. Be proud.

Again, drop your self consciousness at the door. Most people are too busy looking at their phones to notice you anyways. 

We want Fittest Travel to reach around the world. If you see someone else working out in the airport, say hello or give them a high five. 


Stretch it Out

Give yourself plenty of time to cool down before freshening up. 

If you have extra time, stretch it out using my personal favorite yoga app called Down Dog. Down Dog offers various yoga practices, including video and audio, from 5 to 60 minutes long.

You’re about to sit in the same position for a quite a while, stretching offers immense benefits. 

Freshen Up and Get Flight Ready

Head to the nearest restroom with your full change of clothes ready to go. Use the mini hygiene items you brought with you.

Take your time. It’s all about bringing the body heat down. You’re ready for takeoff and just a little bit healthier and happier! 

Bodyweight Airport Workout

Do three to five rounds of the following:

  • Push-Ups - Down, back, down, back across three seats

  • 10 Air Squats (use luggage/backpack for weight if you have it)

  • 10 Alternating Lunges (use luggage/backpack for weight if you have it)

  • 4 Pistol Squats

  • 1 Minute Plank Hold

Final Thoughts

Next time you book a flight, consider following these steps and making your time work for you. Even if you only get 10 minutes of movement in, that’s 10 more minutes that not doing anything at all. Use what you’ve got and be proud no matter what! If you do an airport workout tag us and let us know how it goes.

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