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The Best New Travel Fitness Gear and Equipment

The Best New Travel Fitness Gear and Equipment

Be your own traveling gym with the right gear. Here’s your guide to finding the best travel fitness equipment.

Traveling can present some significant obstacles to maintaining a fitness routine. Gym access isn’t always guaranteed and sometimes going for a run or doing push-ups just won’t cut it.

That’s why it’s a good idea to bring the right portable fitness equipment with you on the road. There are plenty of options for travel-friendly workout gear and we’ve picked the best ones for getting an effective workout anywhere in the world.

Pocket Monkii ($169)


The Pocket Monkii suspension trainer is the world’s most portable fitness device, weighing only ten ounces and able to fit in your hand. Despite its small size, the Pocket Monkii will give you an incredible bodyweight workout. Download the Monkii app for curated workouts and videos.

RX Custom Jump Rope ($46.95)


A good jump rope is one of the best travel fitness accessories to own and RX custom jump ropes are the best with their high quality materials and design. The weight of this jump rope is great for beginners, especially those just starting out on those double unders. Choose your size and color and toss your customized jump rope in your bag before your next trip.

5.11 Plate Carrier ($199.99)


Weighted vests are an incredible way to add difficulty to standard bodyweight exercises and 5.11 Tactical makes the best one with its plate carrier. If you have the ability to travel with a weight vest, this is the one to buy.

The plates for the vest are extra money depending on the weight. Although similar to the body armor used by military and law enforcement personnel, these vests are intended only for fitness use.

MobilityWOD Supernova 2.0 ($41.95)


This recovery ball offers an alternative to the foam roller with groove patterns for deep tissue therapy. It’s size makes it easier to travel with than a foam roller and a robust design gives it exceptional durability.

Ornadi Waterproof Antimicrobial Protected Gym Clothes Bag ($42)


Have you ever wondered how to keep your workout clothes from smelling up your suitcase while traveling? Isolate your gym gear from the rest of your stuff with an odor-proof bag.

Ornadi makes a lightweight and packable bag that has a teflon exterior, two layers for smell defense, and a antimicrobial interior to reduce bacteria odors.

YOGO Ultralight Travel Mat ($62)


The YOGO Ultralight Travel Mat is light and folds up nicely, allowing you to bring it anywhere. It’s attached straps keep the mat compact and form a convenient carrying handle. It’s eco-friendly, durable, and has fantastic grip.

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