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How to do CrossFit Workouts at Home and While Traveling

How to do CrossFit Workouts at Home and While Traveling

You don't need to be in a gym to do a Crossfit workout. Here's how you can do a workout at home or while you travel.

I started doing Crossfit in 2009 and the results were undeniable.

Every new workout of the day (WOD) made me feel like I was pushing myself in ways that I never had before.

I got stronger.

My conditioning improved.

Eventually, I moved on from the Crossfit community as I began to write my own workout programs but my love for Crossfit never ceased. I still do the occasional WOD, especially when I'm traveling or when I'm stuck at home. The thing many people don't realize is that Crossfit isn't necessarily out of your fitness range just because you're new to working out or have never belonged to a Crossfit gym. There are plenty of entry level workouts to get you started and many are perfect for travelers or someone without a gym membership.

Don't miss out on the many benefits of Crossfit. 

What is Crossfit?

There are functional movements that all healthy humans should be able to do. Putting your arms over your head, doing a handstand, squatting and more are represented by many things we do in everyday life. Crossfit aims to test these movements and builds a training program that covers complete fitness. Strength, mobility, conditioning, aerobic capacity and endurance are trained and tested through workouts of the day (WODs) with functional movements at higher intensity. The result is a human being in optimal shape, with a decent amount of muscle and low body fat. High intensity, constantly varied workouts with functional movement patterns are the name of the game here and Crossfit's massive following is a testament to the look and feel it's followers achieve with every WOD they complete.

Getting Started

Beginning Crossfit is not as difficult as you might think. The key is understanding the basic principles.

Get your technique right.

Be consistent so you improve over time.

Bring intensity to every workout by pushing yourself as hard as you can for the short amount of time you're working.

Doing a workout at home or while traveling is the perfect time to get started with Crossfit. The bodyweight exercises found in many WODs will help build a solid fitness foundation for those just starting out and will provide incredible results when performed with consistency and at higher intensity.

The Workouts

The above infographic contains twenty one workouts that have become benchmarks for measuring fitness capacity within the Crossfit community. They also provide a snapshot of the movement patterns that are common in Crossfit and are enough material to get a beginner started. You may have noticed that they're named after girls. The reason for this, according to Crossfit founder Greg Glassman, is that "workouts are just like storms." If you haven't experienced firsthand the aftermath of any of these workouts, you'll better understand Glassman's explanation once you give Fran or Angie a try.

The CrossFit Hero WODs in Alphabetical Order [With PDF]

Crushing WODs At Home or While You Travel

Now that you know what Crossfit is all about and what the workouts look like, it's time to take your fitness with you while you travel or tackle a WOD in your living room. Stick to the seven bodyweight workouts (blue) while traveling or at home and save the rest for when you're in a gym. If you don't have a pull-up bar or cant do a pull-up yet, simply do the workouts without pull-ups. Remember to be consistent. Do a workout at least three days a week. Time yourself and record your times to watch your progress. 

Do a light warm-up before your WOD. Work on your mobility, raise your core temperature and prepare your soft tissue and joints for intense exercise. By the end of your warm-up you should have a light sweat going and you should have gone through a complete range of motion over your entire body. You should feel limber and ready to go. 

Are you looking for warm-up ideas? Check out this video.

Get your workout done in your hotel room or in the gym if you're lucky enough to be staying in a hotel with one. Take it outside by going to a nearby park or playground. Get good at doing push-ups, squats, sit-ups and burpees. 

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