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5 CrossFit Jump Rope Travel Workouts

5 CrossFit Jump Rope Travel Workouts

The jump rope is a fit traveler’s best friend. Here are five workouts you can do while you travel.

The travel life makes it tough for you to find the time or place for a good workout. It’s tough, but not impossible.

You don't need as much time as you think and you don't need the place you think you do. Workouts do not need to last an hour and they don't have to be in a gym.

Consider this.

Jumping rope comes with a ton of benefits for travelers looking to stay fit and healthy while they're on the road. From the low cost to the small size, a jump rope can and should be in every traveler's bag.

The Benefits of Jumping Rope

  • Better heart and lung capacity

  • Low impact

  • Improved conditioning

  • Burns calories at a high rate

  • Good for cardiovascular health

Jumping rope will increase your heart and lung capacity by getting your heart rate and breathing up. The constant movement is good for your cardiovascular system and will improve your conditioning. It's a low impact movement compared to something like distance running. This means that you will burn fat and still preserve muscle.

Jumping rope will improve your speed, agility, conditioning, and coordination. You may think this matters little because you no longer play sports but don’t forget that we are all athletes. Functional fitness is about helping you get better at everyday life and everyone can benefit from being faster, stronger and fitter.

Jumping rope burns calories at a faster rate than most traditional cardio exercises. A solid hour of jumping rope can actually burn as many as 1300 calories.

Nearly every major muscle group in your body is involved when you're jumping rope. Your lower body, and calves in particular, will get the greatest workout and this will lead to some incredible muscle growth in your legs. 

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How to Jump Rope

Learning the basics of jumping rope is not difficult and you should focus on getting your rhythm and timing down first. Just like learning any new skill, getting good at jumping rope requires that you put in the practice. Try to spend at least ten minutes a day developing your rhythm and timing. You should begin to feel comfortable with your form within a few days.

Remember these guidelines when getting started:

  • Jump on the balls of your feet (no heels).

  • Use your wrists to move the rope.

  • Keep your hands slightly above your waistline.

  • Find your rhythm.

  • Keep your feet close together.

  • Keep your knees slightly bent.

Meet the Double-Under

Workout #1

1000 Double-Unders For Time.

A double under is where the rope makes two passes under your feet in a single jump.

Workout #2

Time: Seven minutes.

Do double-unders for max reps, meaning as many as you can in seven minutes with minimal rest between sets.

Workout #3

Time: Seven minutes.

Do jump rope single-unders for max reps, meaning do as many as you can in seven minutes with minimal rest between sets.

A single-under is where the rope makes one pass under your feet in a single jump.

Workout #4

Time: Ten Minutes.

Every minute, on the minute (EMOM), complete thirty double-unders or sixty sixty single-unders.

EMOM stands for “every minute, on the minute.” This means you are to perform a specific task, in this case jumping rope, every time the clock hits :00. Rest during the time leftover before the next minute begins.

Workout #5

This one includes a few bodyweight movements (we’re not trying to lose any muscle here).

As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 15 minutes.

  • 30 Double-unders or 60 single-unders.

  • 15 Push-ups

  • 15 Air Squats

The Bottom Line

Jumping rope is incredibly effective for burning a ton of calories quickly and is perfect for travelers. Remember to spend time practicing and invest in a good jump rope. 

Want to learn more about staying fit while traveling? Get Fit For Travel!

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