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5 Bodyweight Leg Exercises to Build Strength and Tone Your Lower Body

5 Bodyweight Leg Exercises to Build Strength and Tone Your Lower Body

You don’t need a gym to build leg strength. These exercises will get your legs strong and toned with no equipment - perfect for at-home or while traveling.

There has always been a day specifically for legs in any workout schedule.

Not only is it one of the most important muscles to maintain and work on due to its excessive need and use on a daily basis, but it’s also one of the beauty concerns that all women have.

But, despite the fear of cellulite and flabby legs, most women dread the effort and time taken to reach the needed results.

So why not provide a few simple workouts that can be done anywhere, even if at the convenience of your home, and for free?

No equipment needed, just grab a chair and start moving.

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Below are few toning exercises that can be done anywhere at any time.

It’s also important to note that mastering these exercises with your own bodyweight is extremely important before applying any weights.

These leg exercises, with bodyweight only, are not only great for a lower body workout but can be used as a great way to warm-up the lower body prior to a workout with weights.

1. Squats


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

Slowly start bending with your body forward along with sitting back (moving your hips backwards), and keep your knees in-line with your toes.

You don’t go all the way down, just keep a straight seat position.

Move back in the standing shoulder width foot position and repeat.

Don’t forget, engage your core throughout the whole workout.

2. Squat Jump


The same set of rules and position apply here as a squat.

But instead of just standing back into position you will jump slowly.

Going down from the jump you’ll immediately squat once you touch the ground.

Go up & repeat.

3. Donkey Kicks


Here’s a bodyweight exercise that will help you build some strength and muscle in your glutes - the largest and most important muscle group in your body.


Assume a position on the ground on all fours with your knees hip-width apart and your hands under your shoulders.

Using one leg at a time, brace your core and kick the first leg up behind you by hinging at the hip.

Keep your knee bent and your foot flat.

Tighten your glute muscle as you bring the leg up toward the ceiling and squeeze at the top of the movement.

Bring the leg back down and do the same with the next leg.

Keep your core tight, hips straight, and squeeze your glutes.

4. Jumping Lunges

This is an advanced movement. You should be comfortable doing basic lunges before attempting jumping lunges.


Begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms at your side.

Take a step forward with one leg, keeping your weight on the forward leg.

Lower your body by bending at the knee until the forward leg is parallel to the floor.

Jump up, explosively, so that your rear leg comes to the forward position and the forward leg switches to the rear position.

Use arms to help you explode through the movement.

Return to the lunge position, or bottom position after doing both legs. That’s one.

Continue alternating between legs.

5. Side Leg Raise


Get a mat, lie on one side with a tight core and straight legs.

Raise your upper body with your elbows rested on the mat.

Start lifting your leg slowly upwards towards the ceiling, while keeping the other leg in place.

Make sure the movement is slow, and initiated from the butts and thighs and not your lower back.

Switch and repeat count for the other side.

Bottom Line

All these exercises require preservation and some patience. Nothing happens overnight, so don’t give up quickly and just keep going. Start by doing these exercises 3 times a week, for 4 weeks.

Once complete, move to 4 times a week. Always remember it’s important to perform the workouts correctly rather than quickly, to achieve better and more constructive results.

And always, always keep your core engaged.

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