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Murph: A Workout That Pays Tribute to a Hero

Every year on Memorial Day, thousands of crossfitters, fitness enthusiasts, military veterans and patriotic Americans gather to perform a workout that tests their strength and endurance. It has become well known as a physically and mentally grueling way to demonstrate your fitness while paying tribute to an American hero.

Get Unbelievably Fit While Traveling With The Ultimate Travel Workout Program

Staying in shape while traveling is a challenge but there's no reason why you can't make vacations or business trips into your own personal fitness adventure that leads you to the fittest body you've ever had. Our tendency is to think of travel as a time to get lazy and enjoy overindulgence. What many travelers have found is that being away from home is actually a great time to work towards health and fitness goals. Sticking to a fitness routine while on the road will keep you disciplined, give you more energy and let you enjoy your time even more. What you need is a workout program that has been designed specifically for travel. A workout program that provides you with a blueprint for achieving incredible results without the use of a gym or any equipment.

The Ultimate Guide to Working Out in Your Hotel Room

How do you stay fit while traveling? Odds are you just wing it when you're on the road, if you do anything at all. Most of us have little to no time for exercise when we're traveling. Many people have no idea which exercises they should be doing. Sometimes you have no desire to find the hotel gym or even leave your room. When you put all of this together, it's easy to see why the gap between travel and fitness is often so wide.

4 Blogs That Bridge the Gap Between Travel and Fitness

It's always fascinating to take a look at other bloggers in your niche that share your passion and enthusiasm for a particular subject. Travel and fitness are two things that many of us love but often struggle to combine. By finding the right resources through social media and the internet, travelers can gather helpful information on how to stay fit and healthy while they travel.